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A wide range of torches - LED, UV, Eco, Rechargeable, wind-up & children's

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Nerd Bird LED Keyring Torch
Our price £1.98

Extendable Magnetic Torch
Our price £4.99
Micro Lites
Our price £2.99
Lego Joker Nightlight
Our price £32.99

5W LED Zoom Torch
Our price £7.99
Animal Torch & Projector
Our price £6.90

Kids Halloween Headlight
Our price £6.95

Batman Projection Torch
Our price £4.99
Horse Torch & Projector
Our price £6.90

Owl Keyring Light and Sound
Our price £4.99
Astro Projector Torch
Our price £6.95

 LED Animal Head Torch
Our price £4.99
Nature Torch Wildlife
Our price £6.95

Dinosaur Torch and Projector
Our price £6.95

Led UV Torch (21 LED)
Our price £7.49
Inova X5 UV Torch
Our price £45.00

UV Counterfeit Keyring Torch
Our price £4.99
High Intensity Glowsticks
Our price £0.59
best seller Signal Wand & Beacon
Our price £13.99

Safety Glowsticks
Our price £0.83
Rechargeable Booklight
Our price £26.95
Nitesafe Duo Nitesafe Duo
Our price £15.00

Traffic Baton Traffic Baton
Our price £16.99
Uv Keyring Torch (3 LED) Uv Keyring Torch (3 LED)
Our price £2.95

Rechargeable Worklight Rechargeable Worklight
Was £31.49 Now £26.33

43 items

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Traffic Baton
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